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There’s no place like Alaska, one of the most breathtaking states in the U.S. Visiting Alaska may make you feel like you’re visiting another country or maybe even another world. An Alaska cruise can take you through the Inside Passage, near the incredible Hubbard Glacier, or into Glacier Bay National Park. Alaska cruise packages can also include a tour or excursion on shore to the unique and beautiful Denali National Park.
Out of the world’s many beautiful cruise destinations, a Bahamas cruise is one of the top choices. This group of around 700 islands in the southern Atlantic is easy to access from U.S. shores with frequent cruises from Florida to the Bahamas. A Bahamas cruise is usually a great option for those who would like to go on a short trip, though itineraries can be stretched out to also visit the Caribbean and Florida Keys, too.
A Caribbean Cruise – Many cruise lines offer discount Caribbean cruises, but each company offers voyages of different lengths to different Caribbean cruise destinations, so you have plenty of options. There are three major Caribbean regions: eastern, western, and southern. But no matter where you want to go, CruiseDirect can help you book discount Caribbean cruises to your dream location at the best possible price.
To truly experience this great planet, there’s nothing like a world cruise. If you love basking in serenity and truly letting go, you’ll love languid days at sea between ports. You’ll get to know your other shipmates well and maybe even make lifelong friends. A world cruise offers all of these benefits and so many more while delivering the experience of a lifetime. A world cruise is typically a long cruise, with the majority sailing for more than 15 days. A grand voyage may last 70 or more nights, and it may circle the world or visit several continents.